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60 Litre Wheelie Bins

The smallest product in our wheeled waste container range, our compact yet incredibly robust 60 litre wheelie bins feature a raised floor which reduces the internal capacity without affecting the height of the container. They are suitable for households and businesses that produce smaller amounts of waste and have limited space for rubbish receptacles.

One of the smallest products in our wheeled waste container range, our 60 litre wheelie bins are compact yet incredibly robust.

Made from the same specially developed HDPE material as our larger bins, our 60 ltr wheelie bin offers all of the same benefits — including strength, UV resistance, temperature resistance, and solid rubber wheels with rust-proof metal parts.

Our 60 litre waste bins are available in a wide range of colours including yellowred,  greenbrown, blue, and black. However, we can also have these 60 litre rubbish bins made in any colour you require.

If you are purchasing 60 litre mobile wheelie bins on behalf of a council or business, then please get in touch to place an order that includes customisation — including logos.

Local councils most often use our dustbin 60 litre for recycling or general waste in areas where there is little space for containers — or for the collection of individual waste streams such as glass.

Despite its size, the 60l wheelie bin is suitable for use with comb lift mechanisms like larger wheelie bins.

Our range of 60 litre bins are easy-clean thanks to their smooth surfaces and can be fully recycled at the end of their working life, making them eco-friendlier than alternatives.

A raised platform inside the 60 litre plastic bin reduces the volume to 60 litres while maintaining the height for the purpose of waste collection.

Our 60-litre wheelie bin dimensions are:

Total height Total depth Total width
935mm 516mm 450mm

If you have any further questions about our 60 litre recycling bin, get in touch with Wheelie Bin Solutions today.