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Clinical Waste Wheelie Bins

Welcome to our clinical waste wheelie bin page, where you can explore our full range of suitable and well-priced waste containers.

Clinical waste is any waste that poses a threat of infection to humans and clinical waste bins are instrumental in the safe disposal of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, anatomical parts, and much more.

Specific examples of clinical waste include used syringes and needles, used dressings and swabs, bodily excretions, and blood and body tissue.

Naturally, this waste needs to be carefully collected separately to non-clinical waste and disposed of correctly so as not to pose any risk to human health.

Clinical waste is produced by a wide range of places — including, but not limited to, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, health clinics, care homes, walk-in centres, veterinary practices, pharmacies, and households where someone is being medically cared for at home.

If you need to purchase new or replacement clinical waste bins for one of the above services, then you can browse our full range below.

Traditionally, general clinical waste wheelie bins are yellow but, depending on the specific waste being collected (syringes, blood, etc.) then many colours are often used to differentiate the waste types. We can provide any colour you require.

We are also able to brand the bins and add logos and writing as you need. If you require this service, just get in touch for more details and a quote.

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