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by Craig Pryce December 22, 2022

Almost every household and commercial property across the country has at least one wheelie bin — more often two or three. A modern-day necessity, one of our greatest problems is finding somewhere to store them.

The summer months, when you spend more time at home and in the garden, are the perfect time to sort out your wheelie bin storage project.

In this article, we'll look at why you might want wheelie bin storage, the different ways to keep your wheelie bins out of sight, and provide a step-by-step guide to building wheelie bin storage yourself.

Why might you want wheelie bin storage?

There are many reasons why you would want or need wheelie bin storage for your home or business premises.

Wheelie bins are inoffensive to look at (in fact, our coloured bins are good-looking!), but they store rubbish which can emit foul odours and attract flies and pests if you don't clean your wheelie bin regularly.

First impressions are everything, especially for businesses. Making a good one is why many homeowners and business owners prefer to keep their wheelie bin(s) hidden from view to keep their outside spaces neat and organised. Neighbours will also appreciate not having to stare at waste containers when they look out the window, other than on bin collection day. 

Alternatively, you may achieve a sense of security by locking your wheelie bins away in storage. After all, people are far less likely to move or steal your bins if 'they're hidden away and hard to access. You are also less likely to have wild animals jumping in for a rummage. Just ensure to balance security and accessibility by placing your wheelie bin storage in a location that's practical for quick, no-nonsense rubbish disposal.

A final benefit is that your wheelie bin store will protect your bins from strong winds. Living in the UK, we've all had to pick our bin up at one point or another and collect the rubbish that has fallen out of it.

There are several good reasons for considering storage for your general waste and recycling bins. Whether you place the storage at the front of your premises or opt for a quick transformation of your garden, we've got plenty of wheelie bin storage inspiration for you to choose from.

Wheelie bin storage options

Now you know how helpful wheelie bin storage can be, let's look at your options. Take your pick from these green-fingered and cheap DIY wheelie bin storage ideas.

You could:

  • Use plants such as climbing plants or hedges to screen them from view.
  • Swap your front wall for a storage cube.
  • Use a trellis screen or woven screen to mask your wheelie bins. Depending on the level of exposure to the elements, you might need to secure it to the ground, fence, or wall.
  • Make space in a larger garden building for your bins, such as a garage or shed.
  • Buy a purpose-built wheelie bin store (metal, plastic, or wooden).
  • Make your own wheelie bin storage.

What materials do I need to build a wheelie bin store?

If you're confident in your DIY abilities, building a wheelie bin store can be a simple and inexpensive assignment. However, if your woodworking skills 'aren't up to scratch, you can end up wasting timber, making a bodge job, and costing yourself more than if you'd bought a good-quality wheelie bin store.

If you're happy to go ahead with assembling your bin store, we've compiled a list of tools and materials you'll need to give your wheelie bins the shelter they need. These can vary depending on your budget, particularly if you want wheelie bin storage with all the bells and whistles. You can construct your bin store from various materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood including pallets or leftover timber.

The materials we've outlined are for building a relatively basic, budget wheelie bin store from timber. Don't be tempted to cut corners or slash your costs by not using a paving slab or concrete base. Wheelie bins need a stable foundation and will rot quickly if they are on grass, costing you more money in the long run.

Equipment and materials you'll likely need to make your store include:

  • Paving slabs
  • Timber
  • Hinges
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Metal brackets and handle
  • Drill with screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Spade
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape measure

How to build your own wheelie bin store

  1. Decide on an appropriate location for your wheelie bin store. We recommend somewhere near your property's front or back door and easy access to your collection point for the council or private waste management team.
  2. Next, take measurements, so you know precisely how large the storage will need to be.
  3. If the area you have chosen is already paved, mark the store on the ground. If it is lawned, mark it, cut out the turf, and lay slabs that are level with the grass next to them.
  4. When it comes to the construction of the store, you'll find many helpful tutorial videos online, but as a general guide for storing one wheelie bin, you'll need to create a timber frame for each of the five sides of it.
  5. Remember that one frame will be a lid, and one will be a door. You can choose to use metal for the lid if you wish. Hinged doors on the front and the top will make it easier for you to access your bins and remove and replace them when needed.
  6. Measure everything carefully and take your time so that the finished result is the right size and shape and fits together nicely.
  7. For a long-term wheelie bin storage solution, ensure to treat the wood with some timber stain or preserver before or after you buy it.

How to make wheelie bin storage from pallets

Bringing life to reclaimed pallets is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of building wheelie bin storage.

Again, you will need to follow the process of laying your slabs, piecing your timber frame together, and then fixing the pallets onto the frame to clad the exterior. 

Hints and tips

  • Make sure your pallets aren't too worn down, or they won't last very long – the sturdier, the better.
  • Be careful to avoid old nails and screws.
  • Don't worry if the wood is messy or has different colours, as you can apply the same fence treatment or shed stain to create a clean and uniform finish.

As highlighted, there are many clever and practical ways to store your wheelie bins out of sight until collection day. If you need to replace or buy new rubbish containers for your wheelie bin storage unit, don't hesitate to contact Wheelie Bin Solutions today.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce

With over 17 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Craig is passionate about making recycling easier and reducing the negative impact of litter. He has been the managing director of Wheelie Bin Solutions (WBS) since January 2016, and prides the company on his expert knowledge, top-quality products, and customer service. His proudest moment was when WBS supported the 2012 Olympic Games, working in partnership with Contenur UK to supply over 9000 bin containers to all Olympic venues. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge, so whether you need advice about the benefits of a wheelie bin lock, or ideas for alternative uses for your wheelie bin, Craig will ensure your recycling and waste disposal habits are gold medal worthy.