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Types of Bins

We proudly supply quality, German-manufactured wheelie bins of all colours and sizes for both trade and domestic customers. We stock plastic and metal wheelie bins and both are ideal for the outdoor storage of many types of waste ready for collection and removal from properties.

capacity of a black 240 litre wheelie bin capacity of a brown 240 litre wheelie bin capacity of a green 240 litre garden wheelie bin
Recycling Waste Bin General Wheelie Bin Garden Wheelie Bin
capacity of a red 240 litre paper wheelie bin capacity of a plastic yellow 240 litre wheelie bin
Paper Bin Plastic Wheelie Bin

Our bins are ideal for the collection of recycling, general waste, garden waste, paper and plastic.

Whatever waste type you are wanting to dispose of, we can prepare you with our optional extras such as our bottle aperture for collecting glass bottles and jars or plastic bottles, a drop front allowing easy access to the contents of the bin, or a confidential slot and lock for disposing of private papers and waste.

Ours bins are available in a wide choice of standard colours or can be customised to your precise design needs, including custom colours and logo printing. You can opt for the usual colours for bins, such as green for gardening waste and mixed recycling, or if you are purchasing for yourself you can choose whichever colours you prefer.

All of our bins are manufactured to the highest specifications, easy to clean thanks to smooth curves, and low maintenance due to being so well made.