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Garden Waste Bin

A garden bin is incredibly useful for collecting garden waste including unwanted or dead flowers and plants, grass cuttings, leaves, hedge clippings, weeds, windfall fruit, twigs and small branches. Some waste management companies and councils will refuse to collect garden waste in a general waste bin, so a garden waste bin can be crucial.

Depending on your specific requirements and the amount of garden waste you produce, we have a wide selection of garden bins for you to choose from. We have wheelie bins of all sizes, ranging from smaller, domestic sizes of 120 litre, 140 litre and 240 litre up to larger capacities such as 1100 litre.

Our garden wheelie bins are available in metal and plastic and are all built to last in outdoor situations. Common colours are brown and green, however we can provide a garden bin in whichever colour you prefer.

If you are replacing a council bin or purchasing bins on behalf of a local council, please do double-check which colour bin you need to be purchasing before placing your order with us — if you order the wrong colour, the council won’t empty them!

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