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Spares and accessories

Customise and update your bins with our range of top wheelie bin accessories, spares and parts. While our bins themselves will give you many happy years of service, you might occasionally need to upgrade them — for example, by adding or replacing a bin lock. If this is the case, don’t worry, as we stock everything you might need. Most products are supplied loose, allowing you to fit them yourself and enjoy the savings that bring.

Our wheelie bin accessories range includes wheelie bin locks and keys alongside products to assist with the emptying of your bins. Trunnions are used in conjunction with mechanical lifts such as compactors and rear end bin lifts (which are used by most local councils). They are made from HDPE like our plastic bins, with a metal insert for strengthening. These can be bought to replace broken trunnions or to add to bins that don’t yet have them. Another option to assist in the lifting of bins are steel fork pockets, which fit all types of plastic and metal bin.

We also stock triangular metal bin keys, triangular metal bin locks, and confidential waste wheelie bin locks which come with a flat key.