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120 Litre Wheelie Bins

A popular slimline wheelie bin widely distributed to households by local councils, our 120 litre wheelie bins are ideal for small businesses and households of two to four residents. Available in seven colours to identify the different waste streams, each bin can hold up to two full bin bags at any one time.

120 litre wheelie bins are one of the most popular sizes of wheelie bin in the UK and are widely distributed to households by local councils.

Our 120l bin is ideal for houses of two to four residents or small businesses and can contain around three full refuse sacks of waste.

The 120lt wheelie bin is available in a wide selection of colours including black/dark grey, red, yellow, orange, blue, green and brown.

Each local council uses the 120l waste bin colours differently, but common uses are black/dark grey for general waste (non-recyclables), green for garden waste, blue for cardboard and paper, yellow for cans and glass, and red for plastics.

If you are purchasing a 120 litre bin on behalf of a council or to replace a council bin at home, please double check which colours you need for the area. Otherwise you are free to choose the colours you would prefer.

Manufactured in Europe from HDPE, our 120 ltr bin is robust for frequent outdoor use and can withstand UV rays, extreme temperatures and most chemicals.

Our 120 litre bins have a sturdy base and their two wheels are designed to easily roll over kerbs and steps, making manoeuvrability and waste collection easy for everyone involved.

Our 120 litre wheelie bin dimensions are:

Total height Total depth Total width
930mm 545mm 475mm