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240 Litre Wheelie Bins

The 240 litre wheelie bin is a common sight up and down the country and a real favourite with local councils due to its lightweight structure and substantial capacity. It can comfortably store around 4 refuse sacks, making it ideal for medium sized families and small to medium sized businesses. Equipped with 200mm or 250mm rubber wheels, these bins make manoeuvring up and down kerbs and steps a breeze.

This size of refuse bin is available in blackred, brown, orange, blue, and green— all of the colours a local council might use. If you’re making a purchase on behalf of the council, we would recommend that you double check which colours are used for which waste streams in the area you’re buying for.

Robust and weather-resistant, our 240(l) litre wheelie bins are sturdy, easy to clean and can endure all manner of wear and tear. In fact, this includes chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. Not only that but, unlike the smaller models, this bin is ready to accommodate data carriers/transponders (chipnest) as standard.

Our 240 litre waste and rubbish bin can hold approximately 4 bin bags full of rubbish at any one time.

Our 240l wheelie bin is available with a large selection of customisation options too, including a recycling aperture and a drop front. Want your company colours and logo on your bins? No problem!