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Paper Bin

Explore our range of paper bins below and choose the perfect one for you — whether it’s one bin for a domestic recycling situation or 40 for trade recycling, we offer a wide selection of plastic and metal wheelie bins for you to choose from.

The main concern with paper recycling is often confidentiality, especially in business situations where there can be a large amount of private paper waste to dispose of. Even at home though, you may want to keep confidential paperwork safe in your bin. In any case, we can provide all of our plastic bins with a confidential slot and lock for peace of mind. Our metal bins can be provided with a lock too.

Almost 5 million tonnes of waste paper is still sent to landfill or incineration each year, so why not help to reduce this figure by utilising a separate paper wheelie bin? Paper is easily recyclable so there’s really no excuse not to recycle it! When it’s collected from your bins, paper is sent to recycling plants where it is washed and processed to create brand new paper products.

Our bins are manufactured in Europe, extremely low maintenance, and easy to clean if you spill any non-paper waste in them.

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