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Confidential Waste Wheelie Bins

If you run a business, then the chances are you produce a certain level of confidential waste. However, some businesses produce more than others, and for those it is essential that the sensitive waste is collected separately, stored securely, and dealt with in a safe manner.

Confidential waste can be any waste containing personal information that could be used to identify a living person, such as name, address, telephone number, medical data, financial data, and so on.

It has never been more important to protect the personal data of your customers and suppliers; under the GDPR, people must be made aware of exactly how you handle each part of their personal data.

All of our specially formulated HDPE wheelie bins can be transformed into a confidential wheelie bin for you with the simple addition of a confidential waste aperture and a confidential lock.

This means that you can add paper to the bin without having to open the lid, and privacy will be maintained at all times. You can select your preferences in the drop-down box on each product.

Our confidential waste wheelie bins come in every size you might need — from the slim 120-litre up to our 1100-litre.

The size of bin you will choose will depend upon the volume of confidential waste you produce and how often your waste is collected. Also worth considering is the space you have available for storing the bin.

If you require a branded bin, then look no further. We can brand one of our confidential waste bins or 500 with your business logo and any other information you require. Don’t worry if you can’t see your brand colours below — we can create bespoke coloured bins for you, too.

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