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Black Wheelie Bins

Probably the most common of wheelie bin colours, black bins are a classic across the UK with most local councils using them. Ours are manufactured in Europe to top specifications.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, from 120 litre right up to 1100 litre, the black wheelie bin is most often used for the disposal of general waste, which means non-recyclables. Whereas in the past a black or dark grey household council wheelie bin would have been overflowing by the time the bin collection day came around, nowadays they are far more in proportion as UK residents learn more about recycling — what exactly can be recycled, where, and the importance of it. However, there is plenty of waste which is still not recyclable and so the black bin is here for the long term to collect those items.

Our black bin is manufactured from HDPE, making it weatherproof and robust — in fact, our bin stands up to extreme temperatures, chemicals and everyday wear and tear for many, many years. The best news? When it eventually needs to be replaced, each and every black wheelie bin sold by us is fully recyclable!

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