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140 Litre Wheelie Bins

A popular choice with local councils across the country, the 140 litre wheelie bin is a common feature in the garden of many households. This size of bin is ideal for small families and small businesses and can hold around 3 refuse sacks worth of rubbish.

Manufactured in Europe from HDPE, our 140 litre bin can endure all manner of wear and tear, including but not limited to high and low temperatures, UV radiation and chemicals. Weather conditions are no challenge for this bin!

Each bin features two solid rubber maintenance-free wheels and a sturdy base, as well as smooth curves for an easy clean.

The standard colours available for our 140l wheelie bin are black/dark grey, red, yellow, orange, blue, green and brown. Every local council has a different colour system in place, so it is certainly worth double-checking if you are purchasing on behalf of a council or to replace a council bin. However, common colour uses are dark grey/black for general waste, blue for paper and cardboard, red for plastic, yellow for glass and cans, and green for garden waste.

Our 140 litre wheelie bin can hold approximately 2 bin bags full of rubbish at any one time.

We have bulk buy offers to save you money and various customisation options on these wheelie bins, such as recycling apertures and confidential locks.