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100 Litre Salt Grit Bins

Wheelie Bin Solutions
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Our 100-litre bright yellow grit bin can’t be missed outside in bad weather and is manufactured to the highest standards from tough and durable HDPE plastic designed to fight the elements.

When it’s empty, our plastic grit bin has a unique space-saving design; it’s compact, lightweight, and stackable, meaning it can easily be stored away with many other bins until they are next needed.

Our salt bins can be used to store grit, rock salt, or anything else you require. There’s no need to worry about manoeuvrability when they’re full, our grit bins all have forklift channels to make moving them a doddle.

The hinged lid protects the contents of the bin from the elements while making them easy to access, and a hasp and staple lock can be added too to deter others from using your grit in winter.

The word ‘GRIT’ is moulded into the lid of the small grit bins so it won’t wear away or scratch off over time, and we can easily emboss each domestic grit bin with local authority details or a school or business logo.

Get prepared for winter ice and snow and purchase your yellow grit bin today.

  • Lightweight
  • 100-litre capacity
  • Tough and durable
  • Low unit cost
  • Space-saving
  • Multi-purpose
  • Hasp and staple lock can be fitted for a small surcharge
  • Stackable 
  • GRIT logo moulded into the lid and will not scratch off
  • Bins can be embossed with the details of local authority
  • Forklift channels for ease of movement