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Commercial Wheelie Bins

Welcome to our commercial wheelie bins collection. Whether you are looking for one wheelie bin for a commercial property, or a bulk order of wheelie bins for each one of your properties, we have what you need. We also offer significant discounts on bulk orders, which increase in line with your order size — so the more you order, the more you save!

Popular sizes for commercial outdoor waste containers range from 240 litre right up to 1100 litre, depending on the property size and the amount of waste produced. We offer robust HDPE wheelie bins and also metal containers which can easily last a lifetime. All of our wheelie bins are built for frequent outdoor use, and as such are weather-resistant and extremely hardwearing.

Our plastic wheelie bins come in an array of colours, including dark grey/black, blue, green, brown, yellow, orange and red. However, we can also supply custom colours on request, as well as adding other customisation for your business such as logos. The 1100 litre bins in particular are ideal for printing or corporate livery thanks to the large front panel.

Our commercial bin range can also be customised for your particular waste stream, with options such as a drop front, a confidential key lock, a bottle aperture, and much more.

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