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by Craig Pryce October 10, 2018

The real purpose of wheelie bins is the collection of waste, however criminals have unfortunately found all manner of ways to utilise these waste containers to help them carry out their crimes. Read through our list below which contains a number of ways wheelie bins get used for wrongdoing, and how you can help stop this from happening with a few simple changes to how you currently do things.

Gaining access to property

Wheelie bins are of a certain height to be fit for purpose and they are also very steady, and so they unfortunately make a very good climbing block for criminals who are trying to climb over fences or walls, or even up to the open windows of a property. To avoid this from happening, we would recommend storing your bins away from your property and any walls or fences that could gave anyone access to areas you don’t want them to be visiting.

Carrying stolen goods

It may be things from your home or a neighbour’s, but a wheelie bin can be used to easily transport stolen goods from the scene of a crime thanks to their generous capacity and wheeled base. This can again be avoided by storing your bins away from your property, and not in plain sight, and also by adding a bin lock to them. Make it harder for criminals and they won’t bother.


Waste in wheelie bins is often highly flammable, making bins a tempting option for criminals who are looking to commit arson — a small fire can quickly spread to the property it is located next to. Avoid offering temptation by storing your wheelie bins away from your home or commercial property and fitting a lock to them.

Identity theft

Your wheelie bin can hold a large amount of details about you and your life, which criminals can get hold of by rifling through your bin. They can then use those details to commit many crimes including identify theft. Avoid this by having your wheelie bin fitted with a confidential lock and always shredding any paperwork that contains personal data, bank details, etc. When it comes to banking, request electronic statements instead of paper ones — this is far better for the environment and protects you from paper copies getting into the wrong hands.

Checking if you’re home

A wheelie bin that’s been left out for a while after it’s been emptied is a sign to criminals that you may not be home, as is a bin that’s not put out on collection day. If you are away for bin collection day, make sure to ask a neighbour if they will put your bin out for you and return it afterwards — even if there’s no rubbish inside it!

Follow our tips above and deter local criminals from using the wheelie bins on your property for no good. Crime involving wheelie bins isn’t common, but we wanted to share these tips anyway as you’re better safe than sorry.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce