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by Craig Pryce February 14, 2020

In a month where Storm Ciara has battered the country, we felt it was a good time to write a blog post full of top tips for keeping your bin upright in windy conditions.

The rubbish that has escaped your bin, due to windy conditions or otherwise, could be deemed as littering, and bins flying around in a gale can do all manner of damage to cars and property — your own and that of others.

So, how can you keep control of your domestic wheelie bins when the weather turns blustery? Follow our advice below.

On collection day

On collection day, your rubbish bin is at its most vulnerable as it needs to be placed out on the street, making it readily available for the waste operatives. Being positioned on the road means it is open to attack by gusts of wind.

So, how can you get around this issue?

Well, if it is windy outside on collection day, take a look inside your bin. If you can last until the next collection date, skip this one and keep your container safely stored away.

If your wheelie bin is full and must be put out for collection in the bad weather, put it out just before it is due to be collected rather than leaving it at the side of the road overnight.

Additionally, make sure the lid is closed to stop waste from escaping down the street.

If it’s a general waste bin, you could put the waste in bags inside the bin so that if the bin lid does get opened by a gust of wind, your waste won’t end up scattered down the road.

Once the bin has been emptied, bring it back to your property as soon as possible as it will be far more vulnerable to the weather sat out in the street. There are several other reasons you might not want to leave your wheelie bin out in the street for long, too.

wheelie bins being emptied into a bin truck by men

In general

Depending on your bin storage situation — which can be anything from your bin being sat in the open to it being tucked away inside an alleyway — your wheelie bin can still be at risk from high winds when it’s not collection day.

Ideally, your bins need to be kept in a designated storage area — whether an alleyway, a fenced area, indoors or somewhere else that is sheltered from the elements.

If your wheelie bins need to be stored outside, but you don’t have a designated storage area, then worry not; there are other options for you.

If you can store your bin next to the house or a fence, then you could keep it secure with the use of hooks in the wall or fence and a bungee rope around the waste container.

If you struggle with your bin lid flipping open on windy days, you could solve the problem by installing a bin lock. They are simple to install and work well.

Alternatively, you could place a brick or a large rock on the lid. Please be careful when doing this, however; if this is blown off the bin, it could cause injury to people, pets, or property.

Of course, you could also hurt your back lifting it if it is very heavy. So, weighing the lid down isn’t the ideal solution.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce

With over 17 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Craig is passionate about making recycling easier and reducing the negative impact of litter. He has been the managing director of Wheelie Bin Solutions (WBS) since January 2016, and prides the company on his expert knowledge, top-quality products, and customer service. His proudest moment was when WBS supported the 2012 Olympic Games, working in partnership with Contenur UK to supply over 9000 bin containers to all Olympic venues. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge, so whether you need advice about the benefits of a wheelie bin lock, or ideas for alternative uses for your wheelie bin, Craig will ensure your recycling and waste disposal habits are gold medal worthy.