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by Craig Pryce February 06, 2019

With the majority of household wheelie bins being made from coloured HDPE plastic, you might be wondering why anyone would need or want a metal wheelie bin. We sell both plastic and metal bins, and both types have their benefits. So, what are the benefits to a metal waste bin? We’ll explain!

Our metal bins — the Continental 1100 litre and the Continental 660 litre — are the undisputed benchmark for waste containers the world over. It could easily be claimed (and often is) that no other steel rubbish bins compare to these in terms of endurance. Ready to find out more?

Metal wheelie bins last a lifetime

While HDPE bins are hardwearing and can offer many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance, a well-manufactured metal wheelie bin offers a lifetime of service and therefore represents excellent value for money. While both of our bin types are well-made, it comes down to the material — metal will always be more durable than plastic.

As the available sizes suggest, our metal wheelie bins are most popular for commercial use — placed in environments such as schools, offices, pubs, restaurants, etc. Unlike domestic bins, these bins need to deal with a lot more — commercial bins tend to get emptied more frequently than their domestic counterparts and are often more public. As you can imagine, a city centre bin might get more attention from drunken passers-by than a bin placed in a quiet cul-de-sac.

While plastic bins are UV, chemical and frost resistant, metal waste bins are inherently stronger and therefore ideal for a busier location.

metal wheelie bin

Metal waste bins are narrower

Our metal bins are narrower than their plastic counterparts and are therefore ideal for businesses where space is limited. While it may be a struggle to fit a HDPE bin in an alleyway at the side of a bar or club, for example, a metal bin could easily fit in the gap while still containing the exact same amount of waste.

Metal wheelie bins are stylish

While some people don’t care what their bin looks like, others are more interested in the aesthetics of them and if they will look good outside their premises — this is especially true of bars, restaurants and clubs, where there is usually a theme (hipster, etc.) Our metal wheelie bins can look good anywhere, with their simplistic build, and can be made to blend in with any company branding thanks to powder coated body colours, corporate livery options, and bid lid colour options too.

Metal waste bins are highly adaptable

It’s no secret that the Continental 1100 litre and the Continental 660 waste containers are two of the most adaptable wheelie bins on the market. In addition to colour and branding options for commercial customers, you’re also able to choose from a wealth of security, handling, emptying and access options. These bins can be exactly what you want them to be.

Of course, not all metal waste bins are made equal — when we talk about the benefits of metal wheelie bins, we are referring to bins like our own, which are manufactured to the highest standards and feature a hardwearing steel body and base, and internally welded seams.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce