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by Craig Pryce September 06, 2019

When it comes to large waste bins, the 1100l wheelie bin is king.

This is bigger than your standard kerbside council bin and is often chosen by businesses or offered to them by their waste management companies to contain large amounts of waste and recycling.

It is also a popular choice for a communal bin situation, as it can easily house the waste of several houses.

Due to its size, the 1100 litre bin is extremely versatile and can function well for many uses.

Available in a wide variety of colours and a selection of materials, each is robust and offers an impressive capacity.

So, what can these large wheelie bins be used for exactly?

Storing business waste & recycling

Of course, one of the primary uses of the sturdy 1100 litre wheelie bin is to store waste and recycling for businesses, before it’s collected by a waste management company and taken for sorting.

This size of bin is ideal for businesses that create a lot of waste, and can be used for any waste stream — from paper to bottles, from general waste to food waste.

Highly adaptable, these large wheelie bins can be customised using accessories to create the ideal waste solution for any business.

If they’re on show to the public, why not get them personalised with your branding? We offer customised colours, logos, and more.

Storing communal waste & recycling

In some living situations, individual bins aren’t an option due to space limitations — for example, where there are blocks of flats and sheltered housing.

In these situations, communal bins are provided instead, which are shared by all the residents.

The 1100 litre wheelie bin is often chosen for this job as it is robust, it is built for outdoor or indoor use, and it can manage to store around 19 full bin bags before it needs emptying.

1100 litre wheelie bins

Garden storage

If you struggle for space at home, a large wheelie bin could be the perfect storage solution for anything you need to corral — from garden equipment to toys, from sports equipment to Christmas decorations.

If it’s something you need to keep dry, clean and dust-free, you can store it in a 1100l wheelie bin.

You could store your large outdoor bin in a locked garage or shed or you can hide it away from prying eyes in a quiet corner of your garden.

If you do choose to keep it outdoors and full of anything but waste, we’d certainly recommend installing a wheelie bin lock to keep unwanted hands out.

Containing compost

You may have an old 1100 litre bin on your hands that has come to the end of its regular bin life, or you may purchase a new bin for this very purpose.

A large bin on wheels is ideal for creating a compost bin. Simply add air filters and a few holes for additional air circulation and you’re good to go!

Additionally, you might want to add a door low down on the container for compost removal when it is ready for the garden, but it’s possible to do without it if you prefer.

This is a great way to reuse your food and garden waste.

How do you use your 1100 litre bin?

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce