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by Craig Pryce March 13, 2020

Taking an ice bath may seem like an unpleasant and daunting idea. However, many people believe this method can help reduce post-workout soreness and inflammation in your body.

Due to the supposed post-workout benefits, ice baths are becoming increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As well as this, people are beginning to use ice baths to help with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, due to the ‘energy surge’ they feel afterwards.

Research shows that ice baths have a wide variety of benefits, specifically with regards to muscle relaxation and circulation.

However, alongside the benefits, it is crucial to know the risks associated with taking an ice bath.

What is an ice bath?

An ice bath is when most of the body, usually up to the top of the chest, is immersed in ice or ice-water for a specific period. This time varies typically from five to fifteen minutes.

Here are some easy tips on how to have an ice bath:

  • Make sure you have enough ice. Usually, 2-5 bags of ice will suffice per person.
  • Put the ice into a large container with cold water. A wheelie bin works well for one person. It is best to pour your ice into the container in small quantities to lower the temperature effectively.
  • Slowly immerse yourself in the ice bath for as long as you feel you can, for a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you are using an ice bath after a workout, make sure to do this within 30 minutes of exercise. This way you will ensure you get the full benefits of the ice. If you have never had an ice bath before, take the process very slowly and get out as soon as you feel you need to.

Other names for ice baths

As well as being called an ice bath, the process is known under a few different names. These are:

  • Cold-water immersion
  • Cold therapy
  • Cryotherapy

Wheelie bin ice baths

When taking an ice bath, people usually need to have their legs and hips wholly submerged in the water. Sometimes an actual bathtub isn’t going to work, and you will need a larger container — or sometimes a bathtub isn’t available, such as straight after a match.

A perfect option, in this case, is to use a wheelie bin as it is a large container and affordable, too. Research has shown that having a ‘’wheelie bin ice bath is best as the pressure caused by water above your legs increases the impact of the cold water.’’

It is essential to choose the right size of wheelie bin to match your needs! So, if you are using a wheelie bin as an ice bath for a post-sport muscle treatment, take some measurements to ensure you get this just right.

Wheelie Bin Solutions has a wide range of wheelie bin sizes and wheelie bin colours to meet your exact needs — click here to have a browse.


 A group of athletes running.

Who can ice baths help?

It is usually athletes and fitness enthusiasts that take ice baths. The reason for this is because research has shown that it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to soothe post-workout pains. Ice baths do this by reducing inflammation and this is due to the temperature of the ice changing the way your blood flows through your body.

Risks to be aware of 

Although ice baths offer benefits to some, they can be dangerous for certain people. Here are some of the risks:

  • If you already have an existing medical history with cardiovascular disease or blood pressure, it can be extremely dangerous for you to take an ice bath.
  • It is suggested that an ice bath can place you at risk of a stroke or cardiac arrest if you already have existing medical problems.
  • Hypothermia is a dangerous drop in body temperature, where it falls below 35°C. It is possible for this to occur with an ice bath. Symptoms of hypothermia include slurred speech, tiredness and confusion.
  • Diabetic people need to be extra careful in an ice bath as they can struggle to maintain core temperature during extreme changes.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce

With over 17 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Craig is passionate about making recycling easier and reducing the negative impact of litter. He has been the managing director of Wheelie Bin Solutions (WBS) since January 2016, and prides the company on his expert knowledge, top-quality products, and customer service. His proudest moment was when WBS supported the 2012 Olympic Games, working in partnership with Contenur UK to supply over 9000 bin containers to all Olympic venues. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge, so whether you need advice about the benefits of a wheelie bin lock, or ideas for alternative uses for your wheelie bin, Craig will ensure your recycling and waste disposal habits are gold medal worthy.

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