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by Craig Pryce August 08, 2018

A wheelie bin lock can seem a little extreme to some at first glance, however, they are actually a very useful feature for council wheelie bins, domestic wheelie bins, and any wheelie bins stored in a communal or public area. In fact, if you take a look at the list below, you’ll realise a bin lock can solve a multitude of problems that affect most bin owners.

So, why would you want to install a bin lock on your wheelie bins? Take a look at the reasons below.

Keep your waste safe on windy days

Rubbish that escapes your bin becomes litter

The days of your bin lid flying open with a gust of wind are over when you install a wheelie bin lock. That means no more chasing stray rubbish down the street after it is has made an escape from your bin, and no more embarrassing conversations with people who have found your litter. Even if your bin were to fall over on a windy day, the lid would stay firmly shut if it was locked.

Also, if rain gets into your bin under a lid that keeps lifting up due to adverse weather conditions, it can make paper and cardboard unrecyclable.

Stop others from using your wheelie bin

Do you find that other people use your wheelie bin — putting their drink bottle or crisp packet in it while they are passing? Not only would a bin lock stop strangers from using up your precious bin space, but it would also stop people from placing general waste in your recycling bin, and vice versa, which can contaminate waste streams and prevent recyclables from being recycled. Communal bins are at high risk for this kind of behaviour.

Stop people from rifling through your waste

Not only can a wheelie bin lock stop people from adding to your bin contents, it can also stop people from removing things from your bin, too. This can often be a problem in towns and city centres but can happen anywhere — there are nosy and needy folk everywhere, and most will probably think “well, there’re throwing it away anyway”. This is true, but not many people are happy with the idea of strangers hanging around on their property, going through their waste.

Stop animals from getting inside your bin

In towns, the suburbs and the countryside, animals such as foxes and badgers are often found gaining access to outdoor bins. They often knock the bin over in the process too, spilling the contents all over the ground, and animals can potentially injure themselves on the waste or eat something they shouldn’t. All of this can be avoided by a simple bin lock on your wheelie bin!

Protect your privacy

If your wheelie bin is used to collect waste paper that might contain personal or confidential data, a bin lock is an absolute must to stop your details from getting into the wrong hands — and if they’re rifling through your bin looking for it, they are certainly the wrong hands!

Prevent crime

This may not be a current problem in your area, but wheelie bins are sometimes used in cases of arson, as the waste can be helpful for starting a fire. Bins with locks are much less interesting to criminals, meaning they will then move away from your property and look elsewhere instead, or hopefully give up and go home.

As you can see above, having a locked wheelie bin makes lots of sense. Get peace of mind and order a bin lock from us today: we stock both the triangular key wheelie bin lock and the flat key wheelie bin lock (for confidential waste).

Craig Pryce
Craig Pryce