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by Craig Pryce September 25, 2020

Our plastic rubbish bins are manufactured from a specially developed hard-wearing wheelie bin material that brings a wealth of benefits to each and every container we sell.

So, what is this impressive material? It’s commonly known as HDPE and we’ll take a closer look at it in this article, alongside the benefits it brings to our range of bins.

What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, which is a type two plastic in the plastic resin code list.

HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer produced from petroleum and is made by the addition or radical polymerisation of ethylene (olefin) monomers.

The polymers in HDPE are longer than other plastics and virtually unbranched, meaning they are dense, thick and strong.

Thanks to its robust nature, HDPE is used to make a wide range of products alongside plastic bins with wheels — including, but not limited to:

  • Toys for children
  • Bottles, such as laundry detergent, cleaning solutions, shampoo, etc.
  • Traffic cones
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Chemical containers
  • Piping
  • Plastic films
  • Boxes and pallets
  • Some shopping bags

HDPE plastic piping

What are the advantages of HPDE?

We chose HDPE for our plastic recycling bin range because, not only is it robust, but it is:

  • UV-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Resistant to most chemicals, meaning your plastic wheelie bin can be used to contain all waste types.
  • Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from very low to very high.
  • Lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre — even when your plastic waste bin is full of rubbish.
  • Stiff, so it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • Cheap to produce, so it's cost-effective for manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.
  • Non-leaching.

Interestingly, HPDE becomes stronger when it is coloured, which explains why our coloured plastic waste bins are so reliable.

Can HDPE be recycled?

As HDPE is produced from petroleum, you may be wondering about the environmental impact of our plastic rubbish bins.

While the manufacturing of the bins produces a certain amount of air pollution, this is balanced out by the fact that they last an incredibly long time.

Even when they eventually break, they can be fixed using bin spares and accessories.

For example, if your bin lock breaks, you can replace it. If a bin wheel is broken, you can simply remove it and pop another one on.

When a bin finally comes to the end of its life, don’t worry — it can be recycled.

Unfortunately, the recycling rates for HDPE plastic products are currently very low, so please do send your bin for recycling when you are done with it.

Alternatively, you could upcycle your bin first, giving it many more years of life. If you can’t think of any use for it, advertise it online for free or ask friends and family if they might have a use for it.

Often, old bins are handy for garden storage purposes, such as for tools or pet food.

What are the alternatives?

We also sell metal wheelie bins and you can read about the myriad benefits of metal bins, here.

However, as a quick summary, our metal bins cost more to purchase but are incredibly hard-wearing, narrower than plastic bins, and last a lifetime.

If you’re not sure which bin type to purchase, get in touch today — we know our products inside and out and are always happy to help.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce

With over 17 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Craig is passionate about making recycling easier and reducing the negative impact of litter. He has been the managing director of Wheelie Bin Solutions (WBS) since January 2016, and prides the company on his expert knowledge, top-quality products, and customer service. His proudest moment was when WBS supported the 2012 Olympic Games, working in partnership with Contenur UK to supply over 9000 bin containers to all Olympic venues. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge, so whether you need advice about the benefits of a wheelie bin lock, or ideas for alternative uses for your wheelie bin, Craig will ensure your recycling and waste disposal habits are gold medal worthy.