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by Craig Pryce April 19, 2019

Our wheelie bins are available in a wide selection of sizes — from two-wheeled 120 litre bins right up to four-wheeled 1100 litre bins. So, with so many waste bin sizes to choose from, how do you decide which you might need for your domestic or commercial situation? Read on to find out.

Check with your local council

If you are wanting to replace a council bin that is damaged or has been stolen, you will need to check what size your local council uses. If you have other bins of the same size (for other waste types), they probably have the size written on them somewhere, but if not, just get in touch with the council and find out before you order any replacements.

Local councils usually use the following: 120 litre wheelie bins, 140 litre wheelie bins, 240 litre wheelie bins and 360 litre wheelie bins. The size will depend on the council, and the space available for bins in your area — for example, there’s no point in allocating large bins to an area which is mainly terraced housing with limited outdoor space. Especially as residents now have several bins per property or a mix of bins and bags, to collect various waste streams.

Match the wheelie bin size to your needs

ice bath in a wheelie bin

If you are wanting to buy a wheelie bin for your personal use, then the size you order is entirely up to you. Think about what you need the bin for, and match that to wheelie bin dimensions that will suit. For example, if you are wanting a wheelie bin to use as an ice bath for a post-sport muscle treatment, a 120-litre recycling bin won’t be very useful. Likewise, a 1100 litre waste bin might be overkill, too! Take some measurements and get it just right.

If you work for a waste management company, you will no doubt want a selection of sizes to cater for all of your customers’ needs, and a wide variety of waste streams — from mixed recycling, to food waste, to paper recycling. This might include smaller waste bin sizes, such as 60-litre, 80-litre, 120 litre, 140 litre, and 180-litre standard wheelie bin sizes such as 240 litre and 360 litre, and large waste bin sizes like 660 litre, 770 litre, 1100 litre, and 1280 litre.

We offer a wide range of extras for our commercial wheelie bins too, such as bottle apertures, drop fronts, fork pockets, and confidential locks. These bins can, of course, be personalised with custom designs too — just get in touch for more information and we can provide you with fully bespoke wheelie bins.

If you work for the council, you will no doubt have been told which bin sizes and colours to order for the area you are supplying.

Wanting to browse our bins? You will find our UK wheelie bin dimensions on each individual product page, so you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it.

If you are looking to buy a wheelie bin (or 200 wheelie bins), you can browse our full collection here.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce