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by Craig Pryce July 06, 2021

Wheelie bins made the news last week when a group of Cleethorpes residents used them to barricade the road in protest at parents on the school run.

At 2:30 pm on Monday 28 June 2021, a cul-de-sac known as Halton Place in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, was blockaded by some of its own residents.

Halton Place features an emergency access gate to Cleethorpes Academy. In the past, the presence of this gate caused no issues for residents as it was used as exactly that — an emergency access point.

A temporary change

During the pandemic, this access point was opened for use by pupils in order to dilute the number of children leaving school by the main gate.

Residents understood the need for the change when the government COVID-19 restrictions necessitated pupils to have staggered start and finish times and year group bubbles. Although, problems on the street are said to have soon begun as a result of this — namely, pupils’ parents parking across driveways and blocking residents’ cars in, and pupils cycling on the pavements.

A permanent change

Irate residents decided to stage the protest last week when they found out that the school intends to continue using the emergency access gate permanently, and they did so by blocking access to the gate with a row of wheelie bins alongside handmade signs highlighting their fury.

Police were called by angry parents on Monday when they were blocked from collecting their children in vehicles like they usually would.

The school’s response

The school was said to be disappointed by the action taken by the local residents and explained that the use of two school gates is safer for pupils as the Academy has 20 per cent more pupils now than when the school opened back in 2010.

Header image: Generic wheelie bins, unrelated to the above event and just used to illustrate the article.

Craig Pryce
Craig Pryce