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by Craig Pryce November 12, 2021

Here at Wheelie Bin Solutions, we live and breathe wheelie bins, but even we will readily admit they’re not always the prettiest of objects — especially if they’re in frequent use and not cleaned regularly.

For this reason or another, you might wish to hide your wheelie bin from view.

However, the most common storage locations for outdoor rubbish bins at home are the front garden or driveway; this is often an issue of space or for convenience on collection days, but does nothing for concealing them.

Likewise, commercial bins are often located in front of business premises due to space limitations.

In this blog post, we'll dive into other reasons why you might think 'I need to hide my wheelie bin' before exploring your options for making your bin disappear in the eyes of others.

Why might you want to hide a wheelie bin?

As we’ve already mentioned, bins can become unsightly and dirty when not washed regularly.

However, there are plenty of other reasons why you might wish to hide your bin, including:

  • Your last wheelie bin might have been stolen, so you’d like to make it harder for its replacement to be taken.
  • You might not like the colour of your wheelie bin.
  • There might have been a spate of anti-social behaviour in your area involving wheelie bins (such as bins being set alight or used in crimes). In which case, you might like to read our blog post on how to prevent criminals from using your wheelie bins.
  • You might feel your bins don’t look tidy.
  • You might have a small garden and feel the bins are taking up too much space in it.
  • You might have multiple bins of different colours, which you don’t enjoy looking at.

Three green wheelie bins with different coloured lids sat in a line outside a home

How to hide a wheelie bin

When it comes to hiding your wheelie bins, there are several options to explore.

Relocate your wheelie bins

If you have a garage, shed, or other outdoor building, you could consider relocating your wheelie bins there.

Likewise, if you have many steps up to your front door, could there be room underneath the steps to hide your bins away?

It might mean a little more effort is required on collection day (unlocking the garage, for example, or walking a little further with your bins), but it's a quick, free, and easy solution to your problem.

Use wheelie bin storage

Buy or create some wheelie bin storage for your garden, giving your waste containers a permanent home that results in them being hidden from view.

Whether you buy or make the storage yourself, there are endless options for bin storage, so you'll find one that suits your garden or shopfront and budget perfectly.

Fencing, wooden panels, and trellis are common materials used by those creating their own bin storage; this also gives the appealing option of matching the bin storage solution to existing garden or building features.

Popular shop-bought storage solutions are made from wood or metal and fully encase the waste containers.

Use a screen

White trellis in the garden with ivy and other plants growing on top of it

If you don't want to box your bins in entirely, you can create a screen instead to hide your waste containers, using a trellis or something similar.

Alternatively, you could create an area in the corner of your garden or outdoor space with a screen and a roof, enabling you to plant up the roof and help it to blend in more with its surroundings.

Try wheelie bin camouflage

If your front garden, driveway or area outside of your business premises is realistically the only place you can store your bins, and wheelie bin storage isn't an option, then you’ll want to camouflage them as best you can.

Take a look at this space and consider what would make your bins stand out less — if they’re kept next to a wall, would it be helpful to replicate that colour on or around the bin, for example?

We wrote a guide to painting your wheelie bin, which can be a great way to conceal a waste container, draw attention away from it, or draw attention to it by painting it in such a way that it stands out more but for all the right reasons.

However, if the bin isn’t yours, you’ll need to seek permission from the owner before you paint it (this is often your local authority or a waste management company) as they issue bins to households and businesses in set colours for good reason.

If you don’t want to get the paintbrushes out — or aren’t allowed to — there are still plenty of ways to disguise your garden wheelie bins.

Potted plants, bushes, and trees can be visually beneficial when placed in front of and around the area in which you store your bins.

Alternatively, you could order camouflage wheelie bin covers — these are large stickers that can be applied to your bins, and they’re available in various designs to blend in perfectly with your outdoor space.

Popular wheelie bin cover design options include leaves, trees, and flower designs, but there are many more to choose from.

Final thoughts

We hope you have found the above options helpful in deciding how to hide your wheelie bins from view in your garden or outside your business premises.

If you need to order a new wheelie bin, browse our website today; if you need to purchase several, you can also take advantage of our bulk buy deals.

We can also provide you with wheelie bins in any colour you desire, with full branding. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

Craig Pryce

Craig Pryce

With over 17 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Craig is passionate about making recycling easier and reducing the negative impact of litter. He has been the managing director of Wheelie Bin Solutions (WBS) since January 2016, and prides the company on his expert knowledge, top-quality products, and customer service. His proudest moment was when WBS supported the 2012 Olympic Games, working in partnership with Contenur UK to supply over 9000 bin containers to all Olympic venues. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge, so whether you need advice about the benefits of a wheelie bin lock, or ideas for alternative uses for your wheelie bin, Craig will ensure your recycling and waste disposal habits are gold medal worthy.