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Burgundy 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

Burgundy 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

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A burgundy 1280-litre metal wheelie bin is a great way to add a lot more capacity to your general waste or recycling facilities. Burgundy is a vastly underused colour that works perfectly alongside black and brown metal wheelie bins, often the two go-to colours for commercial and domestic premises alike. But why not make burgundy your first choice? With a black lid and optional customisation on the front panel, a 1280-litre bin in burgundy can more than hold its own.

Each burgundy 1280l wheelie bin comes with four corner castors for easy movement, and each rubber wheel has a 360° range of movement, so there's no need to turn the bin when you want to change direction. A convenient drain plug lets water out when necessary too, and this can be used during cleaning. Thanks to the clever design of our burgundy metal wheelie bins, no rainwater should get inside if the lid is closed.

You can expect to fit more than 500kg of waste materials in each burgundy 1280-litre wheelie bin, which is equivalent to over 20 sacks of rubbish. With a choice of lid colours and apertures available, you can make sure your users know what type of waste to put in the burgundy bin, to prevent unintended contamination. And with lockable lid options too, you can stop unauthorised individuals from taking materials out or leaving the bin lid open.

Our burgundy 1280-litre wheelie bins are manufactured to high standards. The EN840 European Standard sets out the requirements for mobile waste containers, and this means you should find your bin easy to manoeuvre on its castors, with built-in handles to push or pull it into position without excessive effort. Once in place, use the wheel brakes or optional central braking mechanism to lock it into position, and you're all set.

Colours available

The 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins is available in the following colours:

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