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Purple 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

Purple 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bin Solutions
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These wheelie bins are wheelie big, with room for more than 20 bags of rubbish on a single load and a max capacity of over 500kg. Your purple 1280-litre metal wheelie bin gives you the best of both worlds, with a galvanised steel body that won't rust in the great outdoors, combined with our bright and vibrant purple powder coating to match any existing colour scheme you have in place using smaller purple plastic wheelie bins.

If you don't have a colour scheme in place, a 1280-litre bin in purple is an excellent place to start. It's both eye-catching and practical, and we can offer a variety of different lid colours, as well as lid apertures for specific recyclables. This enables you to manage multiple waste streams with a visible reminder of which colour bin to use for each type of rubbish. Add triangular or confidential locks to the lids for extra security.

Each purple 1280-litre wheelie bin meets the standards of EN840, the European Standard for mobile waste containers. This means they have been rigorously tested to ensure good balance and ease of movement, with handles that are safe to use and wheels that roll easily. Even when fully loaded, your 1280l purple metal bin can be pushed or pulled on the flat without the need for excessive force to be applied, using the built-in handles.

Your purple 1280l wheelie bin can be customised with your own corporate livery too, in the form of high-contrast logo, graphics or text printing. To find out more, including the availability of discounts for bulk orders of personalised purple 1280-litre wheelie bins, just give us a call. We'll quote you a price, and you can let us know exactly what wording or design you would like your new purple metal wheelie bins to display.

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