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Yellow 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

Yellow 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins

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Yellow wheelie bins are often used in commercial waste management as a receptacle for hazardous or otherwise controlled waste. Our yellow 1280-litre metal wheelie bin is the perfect option for all kinds of commercial waste, or simply for larger quantities of general domestic and business refuse and recyclables. It can hold more than 20 sacks of rubbish, or over 500kg at full load, making it ideal for premises that generate large amounts of waste on an ongoing basis.

A 1280-litre bin in yellow serves as a visual reminder of what can and can't go in the yellow bin, and we can even offer yellow lids (along with black or green lids) so there's no doubt that your yellow 1280l wheelie bin is different from any black or brown metal wheelie bins you use for specific recyclable waste streams. Lockable lids and bottle apertures are available on request, so you can customise your 1280l metal bin for security and ease of use.

If you plan to use your yellow 1280-litre wheelie bin for potentially hazardous materials or for any kind of waste that represents a hygiene risk, you'll be glad to hear that it's easy to clean. The galvanised metal and yellow powder finish can be washed down in a matter of minutes, and there's a drain plug inside to allow the water to trickle away for quick drying.

All of our yellow 1280-litre wheelie bins meet the EN840 European Standard for wheelie bins (or 'mobile waste containers' to use their official name). This requires safely rounded edges with no sharp corners and accessible push-pull handles for moving the 1280l wheelie bin into a new position. The 360° castor wheels at each corner are carefully balanced so that even when it is full, you should be able to roll your yellow metal bin without excessive force.

Colours available

The 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins is available in the following colours:

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