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Grit Bins

Beat the cold snap and keep high-traffic areas safe this winter with our durable grit bins. Manufactured from highly robust materials, they are built to withstand freezing weather conditions and are stackable and easy to store when not in use. Available in various sizes to prevent frost and ice from forming on driveways, pathways, school playgrounds, and large car parks, they are suitable for storing grit, rock salt, and even general storage.

100 Litre Salt Grit Bins
4.5 Wheelie Bin Solutions
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£175.00 Ex VAT
& £210.00 inc VAT
We offer both small and large grit bins available in 100, 200, and 400 litre capacities. Choose from colour options of black or yellow — the latter ideal for providing high visibility in the snow. A “GRIT” logo is moulded into the angled, hinged lid and will not scratch or peel off. The lid's design minimises the amount of ice and snow settling on top of the bin.

They are fitted with forklift channels, enabling you to easily move the bin, even when it’s fully stocked with rock salt. An optional hasp and staple can be added to your order to provide security and prevent unauthorised access to your grit salt bin contents.

Keep the areas around your home, public facility, or workplace ice-free this winter by storing your grit or de-icing salt in our sturdy, weatherproof grit bins.