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660 Litre Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin

660 Litre Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bin Solutions
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Give your premises the benefit of some extra waste capacity with our black 660-litre drop front wheelie bin. Our black 660l bin is a dumpster-style unit that rolls on the flat, with a chunky rubber wheel at each corner and 360 degrees of movement.

A drop front bin has the added advantage of a hinged front flap to allow access without lifting the lid, making it a great option for communal waste areas or anywhere with restricted access.

Black 660-litre drop front wheelie bins are designed to make loading and unloading as easy as possible. The low front opening means waste materials can be placed inside the bin with less distance to lift, making it a good choice for heavy and bulky items.

Waste can also be retrieved from inside the bin when required, so a drop front black bin is ideal for manual emptying or even for temporary storage of materials before moving them to another container.

Each 660-litre drop front bin in black is manufactured from high-quality HDPE, a durable plastic that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Significantly, HDPE is highly resistant to fading in sunlight and UV, so your black should stay black for many years to come, keeping your entire fleet of wheelie bins looking as good as new for longer, and holding its own alongside other colour wheelie bins you already have in place.

A black 660l drop front wheelie bin is hugely versatile for general waste, recyclables, and organic matter alike, and can be cleaned easily when required by simply rinsing off any surface residues.

If you already have smaller black wheelie bins in regular rotation, adding a 660l black drop front bin will significantly boost your capacity and can support changes in your waste management strategy due to an increasing commitment to recycling, or simply because of a shift in the nature of your business.

“Due to the shortage of plastic, Wheelie Bin Solutions may not have this item in stock. If the item is not in stock, we will email you with a solution to your order or refund you.”.