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Yellow 60 Litre Wheelie Bins

Yellow 60 Litre Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bin Solutions
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  • Stores up to 1 refuse sack
  • Max Load: 40kg
  • ISO & certificated
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Bright yellow wheelie bins offer some of the best visibility and awareness, which is one reason why they are often used for a variety of sensitive materials.

Our yellow 60-litre wheelie bins are one way to make sure that even small quantities of waste aren't left on-site for longer than necessary, as they have a maximum capacity equivalent to roughly one full refuse sack, with a similarly small footprint of just 516mm x 450mm including the wheels.

A 60-litre bin in yellow is a hugely convenient way to handle small quantities of waste. The raised internal floor means the overall bin height is 935mm — lower than some larger wheelie bins, but still an ergonomic height for loading and emptying.

Lifting the wheelie bin is easy as it's large enough to use conventional comb lift machinery.

A rust-proof metal axle and chunky rubber wheels make it easy to roll around, while the footstep and sturdy push-pull handle ensure comfortable manoeuvrability.

Our yellow 60-litre wheelie bin is manufactured from strong high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to stringent industry standards, using German manufacturing expertise.

It's resistant to frost, heat and chemical damage. The HDPE also has good resistance to UV light, so the bright yellow wheelie bin should not fade significantly despite extended exposure to direct sunlight.

For local authorities and commercial customers, we can offer customisation of your brand new yellow 60l wheelie bin, so that it displays your logo, business name or other graphics and text as required.

All of our yellow 60l bins are fully recyclable at the end of life, so disposal of the bin itself can conform with a zero-carbon strategy or a closed-loop approach to waste management — and nothing needs to be sent to landfill.

For more details or to make an enquiry about bespoke wheelie bins in yellow and other colours, contact us today.

Colours available

The 60 Litre Wheelie Bins is available in the following colours:

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