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1100 Litre Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bin Solutions
OCoLC: 889647468
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  • Stores up to 19 refuse sacks
  • Max Load: 450kg
  • EN840 Compliant
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Our black 1100-litre drop front wheelie bins are among our largest waste containers, making them suitable for industrial sites and big businesses, council use, and domestic properties with multiple residents.

Alternatively, you might just want a black 1100l bin to use as outdoor storage. With its front flap for low loading, our 1100-litre drop front bin in black is the ideal solution for all these uses and more. It also comply with all UK Council regulations.

A black 1100-litre drop front wheelie bin looks great, with its fade-resistant HDPE exterior that should keep its colour over many years of use, even in direct sunlight. But this dumpster-style wheelie bin is about more than just good looks. The top and front flaps can open up together, to reveal a very large and easy to access interior space with low effort loading and unloading.

The dimensions of this black drop front 1100 litre wheelie bin:

Total Height

 Total Depth (lid open)

Total Body Depth (with hinges)

Total Width (including lifting trunnions)

1315 mm 1085mm 1065mm 1372mm

Full black drop front 1100 litre wheelie bin product specifications can be downloaded in this PDF file.

Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin Sizes

Each black 1100l drop front wheelie bin has a chunky rubber wheel at each corner, and these rotate easily through 360 degrees, so whichever direction you want your bin to roll, just push or pull and away you go.

During movement, the quiet-running wheels put out as little noise as possible, while the front and top lids can be closed securely to prevent any spillage of contents from inside the bin.

These are very large bins and are best suited to large quantities of waste, for example, from multiple occupants of an apartment building, or for local authority and big business use where waste is generated in large amounts on a continuing basis.

Commercial customers may want to enquire about branding and livery, as we can arrange to have your logo, text or another image added to the front of the bin in high contrast for instant identification. Call us to discuss bulk orders, particularly for personalised 1100l wheelie bins, and we can quote you a price for everything you need.