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360 Litre Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bin Solutions
OCoLC: 889647468
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  • Stores up to 6 refuse sacks
  • Max Load: 160kg
  • EN840 Compliant

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Our black 360l bin is our largest traditional wheelie bin with a pair of rubber wheels and a pull handle on the rear top edge. Step up to 660l wheelie bins and above, and they come dumpster-style on four wheels instead.

That makes a black 360l drop front wheelie bin an excellent way to get your hands on plenty of easy-access capacity for general waste or recyclable materials

Each of our black 360-litre drop front wheelie bins comes with the addition of a front flap that folds down along a hinged edge. This can be opened in addition to, or instead of, the usual wheelie bin lid on the top, giving two directions to load and unload your bin. They comply with all UK Council regulations.

The dimensions of this black drop front 360 litre wheelie bin:

Total height

Total depth

Total width
1098mm 878mm  596mm

Full black drop front 360 litre wheelie bin product specifications can be downloaded in this PDF file.

Black Drop Front Wheelie Bin Sizes

If you normally store your bin under a storage shelf or counter, or backed up against a wall where the lid cannot be fully folded back, a drop front wheelie bin is a smart investment.

Our 360-litre drop front bin in black is designed for ergonomic handling. As well as the drop flap access, it is fitted with rugged, quiet-running rubber wheels on a rust-proof metal axle.

The top lid is shaped to shed rainwater down the outside of the bin, keeping the contents dry, and this makes it a good choice for all kinds of recyclables where you want to keep the materials clean until collection.

Each black 360 litre drop front wheelie bin can be personalised with the name, logo, or other graphics for your business or local authority. Bulk orders can be arranged for councils looking to supply large numbers of drop front wheelie bins to residents and businesses, or for companies aiming to replace their black 360l wheelie bins across large premises and multiple locations.

To find out more about our bulk order options, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Colours available

The 360 Litre Wheelie Bin is available in the following colours: