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360 Litre Wheelie Bin In Green

Wheelie Bin Solutions


While our 360 litre wheelie bin in green is incredibly popular for the collection of mixed recycling and garden waste, it can be used for any waste stream and can even be updated for specific types — for example, with a bottle aperture or a paper slot. Do you have private waste? We can provide a confidential lock for peace of mind. This bin can be fully customised to your exact requirements, whether you’re a domestic or commercial/trade customer.

Our green 360 litre bin is lightweight yet robust. Its two solid rubber wheels can tackle any steps or kerb with ease, and the zinc-plated steel axle is strong and rust-proof for a long life.

Dimensions for our green 360 litre wheelie bin:

  • 1098mm total height
  • 878mm total depth
  • 596mm total width

Further information on this bin:

  • Manufactured by compact injection moulding process from specially developed, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1
  • Meets the requirements of EC directive 2000/14 EC. Marked with the appropriate decibel level and CE symbol
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, frost, and heat
  • Emptied by a stepped comb-lifting device (shape A) and reinforced by additional ribs
  • The two wheels are maintenance-free and available in 200mm or 300mm diameters
  • Features an integrated chipnest in the frontal comb which accommodates transponders (RFID chips) — compatible with most ID and weighing systems
  • Also available in the standard colours of blue, dark grey/black, red orange, brown and yellow. Additional colours available upon request.
  • Strong ribs allow for high stacking and, thus, reduced shipping costs
  • With a raised edge to prevent water ingress (e.g. during rain)
  • The bin is easy-clean
  • Can take around 6 bin bags full of rubbish at any one time

The 360 Litre Wheelie Bin is available in the following colours:

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